Again a New Employee!

Carlos José Fernández Solano CULGI scientific method developer
We are glad to present our new colleague Carlos José Fernández Solano!
Carlos started as a scientific method developer in January 2018. And he loves maths! According to him: "The fundamental physical laws seem to be described regarding a mathematical theory, and with such a great beauty and power, as Paul Dirac (an English theoretical physicist) has pointed out."
In his free time, Carlos likes to discuss science with his friends, and other topics like politics, philosophy, soccer(!), preferably with a glass of wine. His favorite music is Brian Eno, Radiohead, and Sufjan Stevens. Recently moved to the "splendid" city of Leiden with his wife and daughter, he says he feels like the luckiest man in the world: when his little daughter smiles at him in the morning.
Carlos obtained his Ph.D. in theoretical chemistry at the quantum chemistry group from Oviedo University (Spain). Later on, he was involved in several projects as a postdoctoral researcher at the Calgary (Canada), Mons (Belgium) and Jacobs (Germany) universities. As a result, he has gained broad experience in computational simulations and design of algorithms for studying organic (biological) and inorganic materials, which includes methods based on quantum mechanics as well as methods based on classical and statistical mechanics.
We wish Carlos an enjoyable and challenging career at Culgi!