meet CULGI at EMMC 2017 in Vienna

CULGI will give a lecture at 1st EMMC International Workshop 2017
time: 6 April 5017 13.00 pm., Location: Vienna, Austria
"Experience in translating and training with the CULGI software." 

Culgi is a software and services company in the computational chemistry of compound (soft) materials; these are materials made up of polymers, surfactants, colloids, and actives. Applications are in the petroleum industries, personal and home care, chemicals and (polymer) materials. The computational chemistry is integrative, in that it combines various sciences in one theme: (experimental) colloid and physical chemistry, chemical informatics, quantum chemistry, statistical thermodynamics and classical simulations. CULGI has realized very early on, that in any average industrial computational chemistry team, it will be rare, to find a single person capable of understanding and applying the different methods coherently. The demands are high, because of time-constraints in ongoing projects. Moreover, in some of the large companies, one may find computational chemists organized according to a background, whereas in almost all the smaller companies, there will be only one computational chemist to serve the entire company. 
Continuous training in all aspects of the modeling, either on site or through (weekly) is of a fundamental essence. I will present a few case studies from our experience to highlight the challenges –and solutions.
Johannes G.E.M. (Hans) Fraaije
Culgi B.V.