Culgi B.V. is an international IT services company, specializing in computational chemistry, data management and lab automation. Primarily, Culgi B.V.'s tools are used to calculate formulation processes and to develop specialty chemicals. The company is also active in the areas of drug development and drug design.  

Culgi B.V. employs computational scientists, physical chemists, and software engineers, working from offices in Europe. Furthermore, the company commands a vast network of application scientists to provide international support and consultancy services. Chiefly, the company specializes in the development of modelling technology and technology transfer.


Culgi B.V. was founded in 2004 by prof. Johannes Fraaije of Leiden University. In the main, the company draws on, and is supported by, prof. J. Fraaije’s vast expertise in industry-related chemical modelling. Professor Fraaije is also the inventor of Mesodyn, the first commercial mesoscopic software designed to engineer plastics. Currently, this computer program is distributed internationally by Accelrys (now Biovia).

Since its founding, Culgi B.V. has expanded to become a world-wide enterprise: it supplies general-purpose chemical modelling software to an international client base and provides consultancy services with regard to all aspects of computational chemistry. At present, Culgi B.V. is building a portfolio to meet the industrial demand for lab automation and big data services. Besides prof. J. Fraaije, Culgi B.V.’s management team consists of Chief Application Scientist Dr. Jan-Willem Handgraaf and all-round Business Developer Ir. Erica Fraaije-Van Der Stelt.


The name ‘Culgi’ has an interesting background. Pronounced as ‘COOL-GEE’, it stands for ‘Chemistry Unified Language Interface’. The name of the company reflects its founder’s ambition to ‘unify’ a diverse set of computational tools in one platform. The predominant idea behind this ‘unification’ is to construct a synergistic toolkit, equipped to tackle a wide range of chemical problems.

The name ‘Culgi’ was first used a long time ago: it belonged to a Mesopotamian king who governed at the time when phonetic writing was invented. Proverbially, one might say that Culgi B.V. finds its mission statement in an aphorism of its ancient, Mesopotamian namesake:  ‘I give answers in all five languages . . . [and subsequently] give pride of place to progress’.

For more information, please download the Culgi leaflet.