Culgi B.V. has over the years fostered a large network of industrial and academic partners. Currently the company is involved in the following Dutch and European research projects:

BioSolar Cells is a five-year research project whereby academic institutions and industry cooperate to find new methods to convert solar energy into fuel; produce biomass with a high yield; and to improve photosynthesis in plants, algae and artificial systems. The BioSolar budget of € 42 million was raised through public and private funding.



NanoNextNL is a consortium of more than one hundred companies, universities, knowledge institutes and medical centres. It intends to foster research into micro and nanotechnology. NanoNextNL has a budget of approximately 250 million euros.



Bio-Mimetic aims to set up a pre-industrial, bio-polymerization process, to develop marketable, bio-inspired products. The project intends to produce a new class of polymers by using natural, renewable compounds. First and foremost, the project aims to make use of green enzymatic processes.




Past projects:


  • SELFMEM  (NMP3-SL-2009-228652)
  • NANOMODEL (FP7-NMP-2007-SMALL-1, No 211778)
  • MULTIMATDESIGN (NMP3-CT-2005-013644)


Other projects:


Culgi, together with the National Technical University of Athens (Greece), University of Trieste (Italy), and the Institute on Membrane Technology (Italy), have been granted 1.5 Million standarized core hours in the PRACE DECI-10 call (2014). The resulting thermodynamic database containing 11000 molecules is freely downloadable from our website. Please visit our contact page under ABOUT and fill in the form in case you are interested in a copy of the database.