A Culgi license is always tailored to an individual client’s demands. To foster a profitable, flexible collaboration, the company usually drafts a license on the basis of three main questions: is the organization that intends to use the Culgi software chiefly commercial or academic, is the software for individual or shared use, and is the client interested in a short or a long term license? For those who wish to try out the platform prior to purchase, Culgi B.V. offers a free trial license. To receive a detailed impression of the available license options, please consult the information below or contact us via the contact page.


A Single User License: This license permits one designated individual to install the software on one computer. Typically, the software can only be used on the machine of a single user.

A Group User License: This license permits a moderately large or large organization to install and use Culgi B.V.'s software on either stand-alone computers or on computer networks. Typically, the Group User License supports a stipulated maximum number of simultaneous users.

An Academic License: This license enables students and faculty members to use the Culgi computational suite for educational and research purposes. Both Single and Group User Licenses are available at affordable rates. Academic licenses may not be used for commercial or professional purposes.

A Trial License:  This license permits a single user to install and use Culgi’s computational suite for a period of 30 days. The evaluation period may be extended for another 30 days on request. This type of license may not be used for commercial or professional purposes.

A license can be issued for one, three or five years. It is also possible to purchase a permanent license. The company offers several maintenance options for all license periods. To find out more about the different possible combinations of software and consultancy licenses, please click on the consultancy tab or contact us via the contact page.


Culgi also works together with several resellers:

For Culgi B.V.’s reseller in Japan, please contact MOLSIS INC..

For Culgi B.V.’s reseller in Oceania, please contact DON COMPUTING.

For Culgi B.V.’s reseller in India, please contact SWASTIKINNOVISTAZ.


Please note that Hongcam or any of its subsidiaries are not authorized to sell Culgi software.