• Kick-off VIMMP

    Kick-off VIMMP
    Brussels, January 18th 2018, VIMMP, the European project has started.
    VIMMP is a European project that facilitates and promotes the exchange between all materials modelling stakeholders, for the benefit of increased innovation in European manufacturing industry. VIMMP will establish an open-source, user-friendly, powerful web-based marketplace. The beneficiaries come from different manufacturing industry sectors where they invest in materials modelling with activities and resources.
  • Again a New Employee!

    Carlos José Fernández Solano CULGI scientific method developer
    We are glad to present our new colleague Carlos José Fernández Solano!
    Carlos started as a scientific method developer in January 2018. And he loves maths! According to him: "The fundamental physical laws seem to be described regarding a mathematical theory, and with such a great beauty and power, as Paul Dirac (an English theoretical physicist) has pointed out."
  • Another Accepted Publication!

    Publication of a new ground-breaking paper in diffusion coefficient calculation!
    Our paper “Calculation of Diffusion Coefficients through Coarse-Grained Simulations Using the Automated-Fragmentation-Parametrization Method and the Recovery of Wilke-Chang Statistical Correlation” has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation!
    It's made open access. Enjoy reading the paper here:
  • Another New Employee!

    Waliby in Aqua Zoo Leeuwarden
    Today, 23 November 2017, Nadia Groenia started as sales assistant!
    Nadia studied Chemistry at Leiden University. After graduating in 2015 (Master), she started working at Accenture for almost two years. Now she is pursuing a career in both sales and teaching.
    Besides her love for chemistry and teaching, she also enjoys going to concerts and music festivals, her music taste ranges from Bruno Mars to Metallica. She also has a love for animals, and goes to the zoo on a regular basis.
    We wish Nadia a lot of fun at Culgi!
  • New Employee!

     Estelle Deguillard playing in Orchestre Symphonique du Campus d’Orsay
    We are delighted with our new employee Estelle Deguillard!
    Estelle started within our company on November 1st, 2017.
    She obtained her PhD in Chemistry at the Université Paris Sud and subsequently improved her chemical expertise within IFP Energies Nouvelle and Total.
    Besides science, Estelle is also a passionate musician who participated in the oratorio from César Frank with the Orchestre Symphonique du Campus d’Orsay (see picture).
    And now she wants to take her career to the next level.
    We wish her a lot of success and happiness at Culgi!
  • Meet Culgi in Cambridge

    Meet Culgi on 7-8 November 2017 in Cambridge, UK!
    At the EMMC workshop on interoperability in materials modelling
    The L of language is integrated within CULGI (Chemistry Unified Language Interface):​​ 
    The workshop will focus on semantic interoperability based on a future European Materials Modelling Ontology (EMMO) and is limited to 50-60 experts from the academic and industrial materials modeling community.