Industrial Projects

In collaboration with ASML and Philips, Culgi B.V. built a model for polymer film formation to enable the design of chemical-assisted lithography. Directed self-assembly of block copolymers, or DSA, is one of the... more
For many years, Culgi B.V. has held a dominant position in the field of computer simulations. The company is especially proficient at modelling various classes of materials, such as polymers, colloids, adhesives,... more
Amorphous drugs yield a solubility advantage. Yet they are, in comparison to their crystalline counter-parts, thermodynamically instable, which means they tend to crystalize. To counter crystallization, amorphous... more
Habitually, less than half of an oil reservoir’s resources are extracted through traditional means. Instead, as much as seventy percent of all petroleum is currently obtained with the aid of enhanced oil recovery (... more