Since 2004, Culgi B.V. has supported the R&D of more than twenty of the world’s leading companies. Culgi B.V. has chiefly operated with the intention to shorten the time-to-market of novel, sustainable products while pushing chemical design to its limits.

Culgi B.V.’s consultancy services are empowered by a sustained and diverse understanding of theoretical simulations and computational techniques. Types of products in which the company specialises include chemicals, materials, pharmaceuticals, and fossil fuels – most notably crude oils. 


Culgi B.V. operates within a worldwide network of application scientists. The company has offices in Europe, the USA and China and employs computational chemists, physicists and software engineers.

Culgi B.V. develops simulation tools to facilitate the investigation of structured materials. The Culgi B.V. simulation platform has been successfully used to model fuels, cell membranes, industrial fibres, colloidal solutions, polymer surfaces, cosmetics gels, engineering plastics and asphaltenes. If desired, the company also offers support with regard to supplementary software packages.


Culgi B.V.’s scientific consultancy contracts are client-tailored; each individual client is offered a contract best suited to his needs.  Two contractual arrangements that are regularly demanded are discussed in more depth below:

At Culgi B.V. we are often asked to collaborate directly with an in-house R&D team. The following bullet points give an outline of how an intercorporate collaboration might prove to be fruitful:

  • The client has the Culgi B.V. license and uses the software autonomously.
  • Culgi B.V. supports the client to acquire the software that suits both the intended research and the available computational facilities.
  • Culgi B.V. assists in building optimized simulation protocols and analytical tools.
  • Culgi B.V. modifies or adapts its software on demand to allow non-standard simulations.
  • The contract is long term and includes scientific and technical support, an initial training period and a license.


Culgi B.V. also often works with clients who wish to outsource their computational research. These clients will want to enter into an “all-inclusive” contract. In this case, the entire computational study is performed by Culgi B.V. experts. Features of an all-inclusive contract usually include:

  • Culgi B.V. hosts the client’s desired simulations and provides analytical reports.
  • Culgi B.V. charges for every hour of research; the hours necessary to do the computational study depend on the project.


In all cases Culgi B.V. guarantees complete confidentiality. If, however, a client wishes to publish or patent obtained results, then Culgi B.V. encourages the realisation of such an ambition. For more information about Culgi B.V.’s research services, please do not hesitate to contact us.