Multi-Scaled Computational Chemistry Software

Culgi has an extensive set of tools for multi-scaled computational chemistry, ranging from quantum mechanics to fluid dynamics and from molecular dynamics simulations to statistical modeling and machine learning. 
Culgi operates on the one-stop-one-shop principle: all methods that are of relevance to industrial computational chemistry are available. There is no need for additional installation of quantum software, software from chemical informatics or engineering thermodynamics.  
The tools set comes with an easy-to-use graphical interface, and with a powerful scripting interface for workflow design.
Culgi software is written from the ground-up in C++, by professionals for professionals.
Culgi software has been used in more than 50 industrial modeling projects in the past ten years, by leading companies such as 3M, SABIC, Petronas, Eli Lilly, and many others. 
Applications include examples from materials, pharmaceutical and oil industries.
Culgi excels in making bespoke scripting solutions for tough problems, such as the design of eco-friendly detergents, the analysis of polymer composites, and patent analysis of emulsions.
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